Fuel Line Assembly

Fuel Line Assembly Highlights

Product Description:

Fuel Line Assembly

Primary Capabilities and Processes Applied:

CNC Milling
Screw Machine
Tube Bending

Secondary Capabilities and Processes Applied:

Induction Brazing
Leak Testing

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:

6-spindle Screw Machine
CNC Mill

Induction Heating System
Rotary bender


CNC Milling
Induction Brazing

Screw Machine Products
Tube Bending

Overall Part Length:

8 in

Overall Part Width:

5 in

Tightest Tolerances (±):

0.001 in

Material Used:

Carbon Steel

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed:

Height Stands
Thread Gages
Custom designed and built Leak and Pressure fixture

Industry for Use:



6000 per Year

Delivery/Turnaround Time:

8 Weeks

Delivery Location:


Standards Met:

2D CAD Drawing
Customer Specifications