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Natural Gas Adapter

Flex Adapter
Flex Adapter

Using our ingenuity, cultivated from decades of experience, at Chardon Metal Products Co. we developed a new approach for manufacturing the gas pipe adapter highlighted here. The previous manufacturer used tube fabrication combined with thread cutting to produce this part. Our strategy involved single setup screw machining with thread rolling incorporated right into the process, which ultimately resulted in a faster production rate, higher quality part, and measurable cost savings for the customer.

An efficient manufacturing process was essential for assuring accurate, cost-effective production and on-time delivery of quality parts at the rate of 90,000 units on an annual basis. Screw machining is one of our core strengths, and our six-spindle Acme screw machine equipped with a high-pressure coolant system allowed us to achieve exceptionally fast cutting speeds and error-free machining. Replacing the cut threads with rolled threads also offered advantages. The rolled threads produced right on the screw machine were smoother, stronger, and more accurate than the cut threads on the previous product.

Our intelligently engineered screw machining process, combined with continuous monitoring and quality control, allowed us to uphold ±0.007" tolerances. Additional operations included zinc plating as a final finish to improve the corrosion resistance for this natural gas pipe adapter.

Overall, we produced an extremely high rate of conforming product. In fact, our error rate was 0 PPM, which earned us a Quality Award from the customer. We continue to manufacture this flex adapter in high volume, and provide a Kanban stocking program to ensure immediate, just-in-time delivery to support their Lean manufacturing program.

To learn more about this project or how our screw machining expertise can be used to your advantage, contact us today.

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Natural Gas Adapter Highlights

Product Description:
Natural Gas Pipe Adapter
Primary Capabilities and Processes Applied:
Screw Machine
Secondary Capabilities and Processes Applied:
Zinc Plating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:
2 5/8 inch - 6 Spindle Acme
Deep Drilling
High Pressure Oil
Rolled Threads (replaced cut threads) Converted Tube fabrication into a screw machine complete part.
Overall Part Length:
3034 in
Overall Part Width:
1 5/8 in
Tightest Tolerances (±):
0.007 in
Material Used:
Material Finish:
Zinc Plate
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed:
Pre and Post Plate Thread Gages
Industry for Use:
Energy (Nature Gas)
90000 per year
Delivery/Turnaround Time:
Immediate delivery via Kanban - Stock Program
Delivery Location:
Standards Met:
2D CAD Drawing
Customer Specifications