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Fuel Adapter Plate

Fuel Adapter Plate
Fuel Adapter Plate

At Chardon Metal Products Co., we manufactured the fuel pump adapter highlighted here. Designed to withstand the punishing conditions found in a locomotive diesel engine, this adapter plate had stringent quality requirements in terms of tolerances, finish, and cleanliness. With our 70+years of experience, we have the ability to manage projects like this that require a high degree of specialized handling.

Material of construction for this 9.5" O.D. workpiece was specified as 80-55-06 ductile iron, which we sourced from a vendor we could rely on for consistent quality raw materials. Since this ductile iron is a high strength cast metal, there were several challenges for us to overcome when determining the best machining methods. In addition to developing tooling systems and cutting strategies that minimized the number of operations, we selected cutters that could power through material removal without excessive wear to help minimize cost. Having robust, multi-axis CNC lathes and mills that combined high power with extreme stability made the machining process more precise. We upheld tight ±.002" tolerances and a 6.3 Rz surface finish.

Along with dimensional measurement and surface analysis, part cleaning played an important role in our quality efforts. We had to ensure surfaces were completely free of any dirt or particulate contamination prior to shipment to the customer. We prepared a Millipore test report, which analyzed and quantified the particulate to ensure the parts were cleaned to a 500-micron max particle level.

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Fuel Adapter Plate Highlights

Product Description:
Fuel Adapter Plate
Primary Capabilities and Processes Applied:
CNC Turning and Milling
Secondary Capabilities and Processes Applied:
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:
CNC Multi-Axis Lathe and Mill
CNC Machining
Part Cleaning
Overall Part Diameter:
9.50 in
Tightest Tolerances (±):
0.002 in
Material Used:
80-55-06 Ductile Iron
Material Finish:
6.3 RZ grove
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed:
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Millipore Testing
Industry for Use:
Diesel Engine
Delivery/Turnaround Time:
8 Weeks
Delivery Location:
Standards Met:
2D CAD Drawing
Customer Specifications